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Grotti Lotti Print - Protea First Love

Grotti Lotti

Grotti Lotti Print - Protea First Love


A3 size

A loose, yet thoughtful Grotti Lotti watercolour protea print. Beautiful, vibrant colours give your house Spring brightness all year round.


You will never feel anything but joy every time you look at this gorgeous botanical.

A3 & A4 is printed on Pacesetter Laser Board high white 300gsm paper which is ECF Elemental Chlorine Free.

Colours may vary

Please note that the colours of the final print may differ slightly from the colours you are seeing on your monitor. Each monitor displays colour slightly differently and we can not guarantee that what you are seeing is a true representation of the final product.

Grotti Lotti copyright

All artwork is subject to copyright, and remains the intellectual and creative property of Grotti Lotti. It may not be distributed, printed or copied (for personal or corporate use) without permission.

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