Engravable Bangle Sterling Silver.
Engravable Bangle Sterling Silver.


Engravable Bangle Sterling Silver.

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 Eternally chic, this heirloom-worthy bangle is your exquisite canvas for exclusive and personal storytelling – inside and out! NAJO artisans have mirror polished a sterling silver tube to highlight your creativity. Make it your own with names, dates, a song lyric, a line of poetry or reflections of your fondest memory.

sterling silver
5mm wide tube bangle
64mm inner diameter
engravable inside and out.

Sterling Silver can be easily cleaned and polished using a simple cleaning cloth to keep your piece looking as new as the first day you take it home! To keep it safe from harm also make sure you store your Najo jewellery in a soft pouch or jewellery box. The nature of sterling silver is that it will tarnish and discolour over time. Exposure to moisture, humidity, acidity from skin, and exposure to such things as soaps and perfumes can all cause the silver to discolour. Regular cleaning though with a silver polishing cloth, and occasionally a metal cleaner or silver foam will keep your piece looking beautiful for years to come. Stainless steel jewellery can be easily cleaned with warm soapy water or a soft cloth. For more detailed care instructions for oxidised pieces, stone set, mixed metals and other specific finishes click on the links below.